Hi guys,

Going to Ireland for a couple of weeks at the end of the month for work (East Cork/Castlemartyr). Looks like an absolute desert with little to no public transit, anyone care to correct my opinion? I’ll likely be going to Dublin over the weekend so that will be my bet for place ticks but I’m mainly curious if google and ratebeer letting me down in the area I’ll be spending most time in is a characteristic of the place or that I just don’t know how to search well enough.



I’m in Dublin on the 24th/25th … if you’re about then ?

Pubic transport in Eire is pretty shit.

Put on your pretty boy jorts and you’re bound to hitch a lift with a friendly farmer xxx

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Dayum, so close. I’m actually landing in Cork on the 24th, but won’t make it to Dublin till 29th.

Thanks for confirming my thoughts. Looks like it’s time to visit the Jameson distillery and get boosted.

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That’s the 2nd time we’ve just missed each other on one of your euro trips in the last year !

I stayed in Smithfield, in the west of Dublin, last week, and found the tram (Luas) to be helpful. And once took a bus down to 57 The Headline but that wasn’t worth the trip.
Underdog was the highlight of the Dublin craft beer scene.

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Thanks Travlr!

What did you not like about the Healine? lovely pub with 20+ taps and regular events (also walkable via a nice route)

Not much in East Cork but worth a trip into Cork City, Maybe worth seeing Beoirfinder app but was offline last time I checked.

Mainly didn’t like the staff in Headline. First guy didn’t know much about beer (“I don’t usually work here”) and wasn’t very friendly, especially compared to other places in Dublin. Second guy was better. But they didn’t list the brewers for most of the beers, and staff knew only a few of the brewers. Nothing was identified on the flight I had, and they were in nor particular order. So rating every beer was impossible. Might be a nice place to just sit and have a pint (if the staff were friendlier), but there are plenty of places to do that in Dublin that aren’t a very long walk or a bus ride away.