Irish Admins: Lough Gill Dark Majik

I believe that two beers may be the same:

They seem to be the same on UT, and their ABV and component parts seem the same.

Basically, do we have any Irish admins that can look into this?

Good chance its the same beer but nothing conclusive

No real active Irish admins these days … I tend to verify beers from Ireland and tidy up any obvious errors as I come across them

Think the only way to settle this one would be to try emailing the brewery

I will endeavor to email the brewery and see if ai can resolve. I will post the results of such investigation.

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Just go ahead and edit if you get a clear answer … like I said there seems to be no active Irish admins at present.

Of all the admins I tend to rate the most Irish beers so I verify and tidy up obvious errors as and when.

I checked Untappd merge logs for that beer and they appear to be the same. Rebel Stout #1 has been merged into Dark Majik numerous times whenever it’s been recreated with notes saying it was an older name that’s no longer in use.

Any sense if this was done by the brewery itself?

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Just checked again and I see now that yes the brewery itself did rename it from “The Rebel Stout Series #1 - Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Cream Stout” to “Dark Majik - Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Cream Stout”.

That was back in June 2018. Pm’ed you.