Is Honor Brewing a Virginia brewery?

The listing here says Chantilly, Va. The label says Denver, Co. Contract brewed maybe?

Address: 14004 Willard Rd A, Chantilly, VA 20151
Only one I found…

There is/was an Honor Brewing in Denver, CO. Concept seems similar to the VA brewery. Note that in VA “Tasting Room Opens 2018”.

Check the labels on that link. Maybe they moved to VA and you have a former Denver version.

Maybe they were contracting with someone out there? Or @bhensonb is right and they moved at some point. They’ve been here a while though.

They’re definitely said they are opening up a tasting room at some point.

I don’t remember seeing Colorado on some of their older bottles, and I usually look bottles over, but I did notice it on the last one I picked up.

Ah, Colas confirms my suspicions.

Seems the beers are brewed simultaneously at Sleeping Giant (west coast market) and Calvert in Maryland (east coast market). Updated the brewery entry here to show the real state. Marked the beers as brewed at Sleeping Giant as they were brewed there for a longer time.

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