Is hoppy dark lager now the 2nd rarest style?

Looks like there are only 27 hoppy darks. World leader on rating this new style is @czar at 8 while a bunch of people are tied at 7. I only have one. Faros are still the leader with only 25 including retired beers…

Who knows, maybe this will be the next style fad explosion if the haze craze ever dies down?

There are 38 faros in DB, if you include retired. Not sure about hoppy dark lager, since it is not listed in:

There are only 27 with 10 or more ratings. There are 130 total.

I wonder how many are listed under other styles as well?

A ton I reckon.

ahh, I didn’t do an advanced search on either of these, perhaps missed the numbers. Probably a few mis-listed I’d imagine but then again I’m not sure loads of brewers are out there making a hoppy dark lager as opposed to just a hoppy dark ale, black IPA etc.

ALso I was looking at this list of Faros, which only does include 25 Faros. Perhaps a glitch?

I think that list only includes the ones that have more than 10 ratings?

Actually are there only 3 ice/fortified Perry’s?

ah ya I didn’t look at stuff that wasn’t beer.

Seems to be about 15. Go to: and select “Perry - Ice” to get the list. This is not surprising as it is actually a rare style (not like dark lager premium, which is rare because it is bullsh!t style). Ice cider itself is not too common, and ice perry is at least 10x harder to find.

ICE PERRY was added for the only reason that is was stupid to merge them with Ice ciders when we separate all others ciders categories from perries…

There’s probably a lot of india dark lager lager in dunkel because every non-bock dark lagers were classed as dunkel before…still, this is far less uncommon than IPLs

I’m ok with dark IPL and ice perry styles, they may be rare, but at least they are separate styles.

Edit: I actually wish there were more dark IPL-s…

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Not sure why Travel List only showed me 3. Anyways do I have to go to Quebec to get some I wonder. Also what is supposed to be in Pale Ale category that isn’t covered elsewhere? I’m on verge of restarting my style ticking now that things have settled a bit

I believe if you find a pale ale that is so bland and devoid of character it can’t be classified, then you do just Pale Ale. Or if it’s hopped with a mixture of Motueka, cascade, fuggles, saaz and with belgian yeast so can’t be classified definitively as any of those country’s pale ales.

Look up the beer styles and they now all have defintions. IIRC it was intended for Pale Ales that didn’t fit under the existing versions and XPAs. So what in the UK would have been put under Golden Ale or American Pale Ale before.

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So extra pale ales should go there interesting. Should we start sending corrections for brews with that moniker? Like the above brew with lots of rates

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No, please don’t.

And what about Mexican pale ales?

But if that’s is what style is for why wouldn’t we move them all?

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