Is it time for Euro Swap 2018/2?

Shall we? I would like to organise it if nobody else volunteers but I would prefer if a more experienced organisor does it as I haven’t done it before and I don’t have a lot of time on my hands right now. That said, I’m willing to try it.

So if anyone wants to take over, please do. If Not, I’d like to start sign up today. If nobody takes over I’ll post a deadline soon. So sign up Euro Swappers!

Ps. For rules I would say let’s stay with what rules we had during swap 2018/1.

I’m in.

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I would like to join if possible.

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I’m in

Would love to do this again but I have far too many beers to get through at the moment, not to mention currently in an ongoing trade already. Sadly will have to give this one a miss but I will return for #3.

I’m in for Europe only.

Ha! Timing is hard. Last round I was a bit early and now people are getting impatient already :wink: I can organize, but if someone else steps up, that’s cool.

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I´m in!

I am in like always :slight_smile: Euro only if possible.

Same here. Have fun you guys!

Remember summer Santa will come to visit before #3

Whoever is organising you need to state sign-up and shipping dates

I’m unable to organise as have a newborn at home taking all of my time! I don’t need to participate either as have plenty to get through


@herrklemann Maybe you meant to put this in the DACH forum? :wink:

Indeed, no idea how that happened.

Much appreciated, thanks. See beermail also.

I’m in for Europe only too.

Congratulations! I know how much time a newborn consumes… Yaaawwwwnnn

Ok, I took up the glove and started a new sign up thread to keep things under my control. Everyone who signed up here is already added.

Please head over to European Local Swap 2/2018 - sign up