Is it worth downloading the app now?

Last time I did the app was a pain, so I deleted it, and since then I use the mobile site. But it keeps asking me to DL the app and I am tempted. Should I?

Depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the full experience, the app is useless. If you want to fast tick on site, it has absolutely improved. I use it quite often nowadays

I use the website from the mobile. the App is Useless.


It’s still not possible to write a review before assigning scores, so it’s still useless for rating.


App is useless for me too, I use website from the mobile.


The only thing I use the app for is barcode scanning, which is fast and works very well.

Imo it still needs improvement. I use it only to scan barcodes when I can’t find a beer.

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Would the app bypass the ‘oops network error’ I get when I try to do anything with a beer?

The app works well to find Nearby Places with geolocation, the Tick ruler works better than the website. The barcode scanner works well.

The only drawbacks are that your profile page and breweries page listings really suck.

Personally, I use both depending on what I need to do.

I usually still just use Erics app. It lets me rate offline, it lets me rate beers I can search for later. I’ve used the new app on a trip once and had nothing but connectivity issues. I’ll pass as long as possible - and then move to the mobile site.


Improved a lot and I actually use it, but I generally just get progressively more and more annoyed at the “score before text” idiocy and give up at some point, resorting to notes.

I always use the web page on my iPad when rating away from home. However, yesterday I did use the app and was quite happy with it. It seemed to be a bit slower but still worked fine.

I find it a bit weird that no regular updates/enhancements are being made to the App over the website. For basic things, we still rely heavily on the website over the app…it’s 2018, most of the people use (or want to use) their phones for beer search / ratings…