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Is it worth returning to RB?

Seems like RB has been left to die by the evil empire. Is it worth anyone’s time to reinvest in the site? Asking for a friend :slight_smile:


I think @joet might like to answer that.


Beats the fook out of the UT! Come on back, Eugene!


While it has been left to die, the site is actually fairly stable and usable these days.


The ultimate question. I like to use it for potential beer places to go. It might be frustrating to have to add all these new beers, but the beer information, if available, is usually more accurate. I don’t think untappd has a forum. If you want to just tick beers, probably not. The site is currently working well, but Joet has said there will be changes, which doesn’t excite me. I think the forum was an improvement, but the other changes were not necessarily better for me.


Still #1


I’m pretty much addicted & visit a few times a day. Only got a UT account to access the search engine, have yet to actually rate/tick a beer


For me it is still the best of the beer sites available. We could do with some more development work but at present it is ticking over nicely, or it feels that way. I have never liked the bare bones ticking of UT.


It’s not easy to look at lots of vaguely intelligent reviews of beer here - either because the functionality (pagination) has been removed (in favour of slow scrolling) or because there are so few active users.

But you can’t anywhere else either.


Yes, I mean what are the other options, realistically? Unless you’re keeping your own records…

  • Untappd is huge in terms of database and data. Some like it, some loathe it, it’s a bit of a different use case than proper beer rating sites though so a direct comparison doesn’t make sense.
  • BA is the obvious alternative but it’s shit if you don’t live in the US.
  • Brewver seems to be actively developed but it’s largely populated from people’s RB/UT imports, as such there are a large number of dupes or somehow incorrect data due to naming convention differences. Since they lack a big admin team like RB/UT these don’t get taken care of quickly either.

RB has plenty of problems and desperately needs some TLC, but even so, it’s a lot better now than it was a few years ago especially in terms of stability. So yes, it’s worth using still.


Eugene! What’s up man. I’m still here


Come back!


I’ve been a lot more active rating beers again lately, though not so much in the forums. I do much of my beverage recon on Untappd, now, at least for relatively new stuff, but can’t get into the rating/ticking game there.



I regularly hear that UT is kidstuff


@LazyPyro It sounds like Brewver would drive me nuts. I’m already annoyed with how often I find inaccuracies on Untappd. Granted I mostly go there to cross check beers from my notes that I’m adding to RB. It’s not that unusual to find something on UT that doesn’t match my notes, do some googling or check my photo of the brewery’s menu (need to take those photos more often), and figure out that my notes are correct.

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Don’t expect your same office back. We’re using it to store Bud Light Christmas Kindle Imperial Seltzer before the eventual rollout.


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