Is the API still available?

I filled in the form requesting API access well over a month ago, but I haven’t heard anything back.

I’m an importer/distributor, we maintain a database of all of the breweries we work with and their beers - its handy to reference ratebeer scores when gauging what beers to select for our containers. I was hoping to look up the scores once a week and import them into our sqlserver.

i’m also interested. when i go to new places with lots of unfamiliar beers, i of course ask the servers for their advice, but i also like to be guided by ratebeer ratings. looking up lots of ratings one by one takes a lot of time. it would be great to have a multi-search feature:

@joet @services

Thanks for the request and the tag. We do continually review applications and send a reply to each applicant regardless of their acceptance or denial to the program. I’ll follow up with services.


is there an application to fill out? thanks!


thanks @joet !

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