Is the Mid-Atlantic Group Going Away?

Will this group still try to have tastings now that RB has gone full ABInbev?

Or is everyone getting to busy, old, and tired to keep rating?

I don’t think the ownership of the site will affect the tasting group from meeting, though I would suggest if anyone is planning on leaving the site, they provide people with alternate means of communicating with them.

Might be a good idea to put together an email list, that is, if people don’t mind. I’d hate to leave people out of future tastings simply because they didn’t see the messages. I feel like this happens right now anyway, where people ask about other people not at the tasting and every realizes they weren’t invited.

I know I’m not a regular and also a Bmore person (and also the one that keeps falling asleep on your couch) but I hope you guys keep doing tastings.

Perhaps the group has gone away already?

Still here, though tougher and tougher to get together often. With Travlr’s departure, we lost him and various others who usually attended his gatherings and ones that he was in attendance. Dick and Jan are in Wyoming (or travelling all over the earth) for at least half the year, but always try to get together when in town. That leaves Donnie, Andy, Josh (who travels like crazy too), Chris, and me as the active locals. Chris is probably the most active poster in this forum, and does yeoman’s work trying to organize get-togethers. But, get-togethers lately are usually fairly impromptu and hyper-local (like, “let’s share four new beers at my house tomorrow”), which do not lend themselves to planning and posting.

I have admittedly not been active in trying to organize outings or tastings lately, as I have gotten into the habit of just going down the street to Dominion Wine & Beer for the latest Aslin, Veil, Answer, etc they have on tap.

I do not have any issues with the AB-Ratebeer takeover situation per se, but it seems to have affected some of the peripheral users in the area, and that, combined with the near universal use of Untappd, means that there just is not much going on here vis-a-vis the use of Ratebeer forums for organizing tastings. I mean, there are what, only 7 of us remaining in the immediate DC area, plus three in Baltimore area, that still utilize Ratebeer for connecting with each other. Just a sad state of affairs, but then this region was always lacking for active contributors (I believe there are a few Richmond people who are active, but for whatever reasons there has not been much of a connection between metro DC and metro Richmond users).

In past years, I would check the Mid-Atlantic Forum regularly to keep up on tastings, happenings, etc. But as the number of active users in the area has diminished, it is just easier and quicker to just text each other about getting together. I know that is exclusionary by nature, but not meant to be.

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I just noticed you started basically the same thread in NYC forum. You region whore.

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I don’t love the AB inbev takeover, but I’m too deep in the game to get out at this point. There will still be tastings. Maybe we just need to do more recruiting. Prey on the weak like hyenas.

I’d like to add that, for a time, Gene would try to recruit a number of semi-active users in the area and they just would never respond. Some of them are probably still active on here, but they’ll probably never show up, but I’d be willing to message them all next time we plan to do a tasting.

It’s frustrating because despite appearances, we’ve accepted all people and all beers. I’ve seen way too many “bottle share” posts, especially on Facebook, that explicitly state what beers they’ll accept. We’ve never had any of that kind of nonsense. Cheladas and Cantillon beers served side-by-side.

I’m still lurking around, but my weekends for a while are pretty booked. I like the more open feel of our tastings, though I could probably survive without the Cheladas…

I’m still here too. I don’t check the forums as much as I should, I am usually on to rate.

I’ve done a little reaching out to active DC/NOVA raters about tastings but I have NEVER had a beermail returned. Funny.

I would like to taste more regularly, but it seems like we’re falling into a sort of quarterly pattern, which is fine. As Chris noted, one of my favorite qualities of our tasting group is how we’ll take folks with any type of beer. Lord knows, we drink rare stuff, but it’s not a requirement for entry like with other local groups.

As for the Inbev take over, I’m not pleased but like others, I am in too deep to punch out. I have thought about what it might take to migrate my ratings over to another place, but Untappd is likely to sell at some point too, so why jump from frying pan into another frying pan?

This website needs work though. It used to be so much more functional.


I can host April 7, maybe other days - just gotta check the schedule

Let me know @nimbleprop @radagast83 @beastiefan2k @maniac @GenDV138 @DCLawyer @wutangfinancial @noodleuser @Iphonephan

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I’ll check my schedule… I think that the 7th will work.

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I hope to be back towards the end of April and am hoping to stay back home for about a month. I have a ton of beer to try and hope that there will be a tasting some time in early to mid May. In any case there is still time to schedule and get things squared away.

Will still be out west in early April.

I have the kids the weekend of April 7th, so no-go for me

This is a good idea. I only seem to have Jason’s. He gave me his card while soliciting business on a bar stool at Spacebar. I’ll send mine out to via beer mail to the regulars. Feel free to pass it along to others.



I hate everyone


Want to start a new forum thread for this potential tasting to give it more visibility?

I’m planning on going down to Richmond the weekend before to hang out with one of my college friends. I have no idea where I might go yet, but I’m going to finally try to get to Veil and Triple Crossing. If there’s anything good I hope to bring something to the tasting.