Is there a way to see the number of beers existing for one style?

Is there a way to know the number of beers existing for one style?

And to be able to see all the beers from that style in a list (if we click on the style in a beer page, we are limited to description + top50…

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No way since new beers of all styles are constantly coming out. That’s all I got.

From Joet

|Abbey Dubbel|3830|
|Abbey Quadrupel / Abt|2169|
|Abbey Tripel|5215|
|Amber Ale|14576|
|Amber Lager / Vienna|5025|
|American Strong Ale|6265|
|Barley Wine / Wheat Wine|7347|
|Belgian Ale|12869|
|Belgian Strong Ale|8886|
|Berliner Weisse|6751|
|Bière de Garde|1999|
|Bock - Doppelbock|3303|
|Bock - Dunkler / Urbock|3127|
|Bock - Eisbock|433|
|Bock - Heller / Maibock|3524|
|Bock - Weizenbock|1964|
|Brown Ale|13227|
|California Common|1587|
|Cream Ale|3023|
|Czech Pilsner (Světlý)|3711|
|Dunkel / Tmavy|5022|
|English Strong Ale|2890|
|Fruit Beer|15152|
|Fruit Wine|9|
|Golden Ale / Blond Ale|25651|
|Ice Cider / Ice Perry|419|
|Imperial Pils/Strong Pale Lager|2485|
|India Style Lager|2185|
|IPA - Black / Dark|7074|
|IPA - Hazy / New England|1595|
|IPA - Imperial / Double|21709|
|IPA - Session|8963|
|Irish Ale|3403|
|Lambic - Faro|39|
|Lambic - Fruited|955|
|Lambic - Gueuze|292|
|Lambic - Unblended|267|
|Low Alcohol|2898|
|Malt Liquor|900|
|Mild Ale|4052|
|Oktoberfest / Märzen|6007|
|Old Ale|1902|
|Other Styles|1|
|Pale Ale - American|35832|
|Pale Ale - English|3973|
|Pale Lager|12932|
|Porter - Baltic|2187|
|Porter - Imperial / Double|3101|
|Premium Bitter / ESB|7688|
|Premium Lager|4335|
|Radler / Shandy|3043|
|Saké - Daiginjo|356|
|Saké - Futsu-shu|138|
|Saké - Genshu|224|
|Saké - Ginjo|431|
|Saké - Honjozo|108|
|Saké - Infused|174|
|Saké - Junmai|519|
|Saké - Koshu|71|
|Saké - Namasaké|209|
|Saké - Nigori|184|
|Saké - Taru|31|
|Saké - Tokubetsu|147|
|Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy|3847|
|Scottish Ale|2192|
|Sour / Wild Ale|19798|
|Sour Red / Brown|2829|
|Specialty Grain|5895|
|Spice / Herb / Vegetable|17582|
|Stout - Dry|2954|
|Stout - Foreign / Extra|1212|
|Stout - Imperial|19760|
|Stout - Sweet|7971|
|Traditional Ale|2929|
|Weissbier - Dunkelweizen|2808|
|Weissbier - Hefeweizen|10275|
|Weissbier - Kristallweizen|463|
|Wheat Ale|9190|
|Zwickel / Keller / Landbier|3375|


So what’s the total? :slight_smile:

Btw, I just added a Milkshake IPA from Odell a bit ago(today) Would that be included?

here, if you select a style from the dropbox, it will always tell you on top of the table the amount of beers for each style, for instance,

Top 50 Raters of the IPA - Hazy / New England Style (1591 total)

so we have 1591 Hazy IPAs in our database as of now (didn’t reclassify enough, heh?)



But why isn’t those numbers listed in the Beer Style Page…

And there’s no way to scroll through a complete style list…this would be useful to admins for mass editing…especially if we gonna make style changes

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Hazy/New England wasn’t even an option when I entered the Milkshake. Shrugs.

it is not an option for adding beers yet, but will be soon. Send correction to move to another style right after adding, then your local admin will take care of it.

But Milkshake isn’t an option yet and…how do I find out who my admin is?

also, you can just “send corrections”, you don’t have to send it directly to your admin.


Ahh…my buddy from Utah! Cool!

Thanks for that!

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Use send correction, your local admin will take care of it.

Or use the Beer issue report thread in forum, an admin might also correct it from there.

Maybe admins should add their “assigned territory” in their name like I do, would be easier to know on first sight.


Excellent suggestion!

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Is this list out of date?

Would love it if there was a live version of this list on the site… especially if it also had site average scores for each style.

It would be nice if such a page could also show my personal number of rates and average score for each style. It’d then be interesting to see which styles I was rating higher/lower on average than other site users.


there are certainly many people on there who don’t contribute anymore, but as far as I know, every new admin is still encouraged to add themselves to the list. so the answer is “partially out of date”


Yes as long as its lambic faro. Just click on top 50 lambic faros. :smile::smile:

@solidfunk Thats not true as the Top50 doesnt list all entries. There are some Faro with too less ratings which are not shown in the Top 50 :wink: - but it’s doable with the old advanced search.

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|Ice Cider / Ice Perry|419|

I think I’ve found my new goal…