Is there an AB-InBev in Lancashire?

I picked up this beer from Asda

And if Untappd is correct it’s in Lancashire. However, Untappd is like the Wild West in terms of administration so wondered if it was actually in Lancashire or part of the Burton set up?

If it’s in Lancashire, we need a brewer added.

Any ideas?

Hi, I know the answer.

AB:InBev Salmesbury is 5 minutes from my home & is a huge brewery.

It used to be a Whitbread brewery.
It’s employs hundreds & is still recruiting. They mainly bottle/can Stella & Bass for UK market.

It’s listed on RateBeer here:


This is recent newspaper article about it:


Hope this helps.

Many thanks for the swift reply! I’ll add the beer to that brewery then!

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Same ABV as this so maybe rebranded only?

That’s the one.

A whole 23 new jobs! From the article it sounds like they’ll cost nearly £2million a piece! Glad Ash got an answer swiftly though, saves him adding more guff to the RB database! Cheers Simon.