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Is there an easy way

…of finding / reading the first rating of a particular beer, without having to scroll through page after page?



And it’s irritating as fuck.


Nevermind, that trick doesn’t work anymore


Can’t do it on Untappd either but you can on BA. Just saying.

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Back when it was the “can’t be any worse” infinite scroll, I used to jam a knife in the keyboard to hold down the down key. Then they made it worse…


Fairly sure that some feedback was given by people who have never used the site and never will use the site that nobody reads (old) reviews, so that’s irrelevant, you 1%er.

Snark aside, yeah, might be a relic of the time where the NY way to go was to take everything that sucks from Untappd and implement it before everything else on the new, Untappd-beating RB.

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