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Is there any way to reduce the effect of beer?

Sometimes people drink too much without taking care of the consequences. What if I drank too much beer before traveling, as it will make me sleepy or blackout. Is there any way to reduce the effects of bear in such situation? I mean, will a lemon, detox tea, or a coffee help in this situation? Your suggestions are welcome.

Yup. Don’t drink.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: good one. I though there would be any way to reduce the effect.

None of those things would help with a bear. Drinking water would help a little after the fact with the beer. Eating food with alcohol would help.

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Personally I find that a light stimulant works well so I brew my own Nazi Crack. I use Lidl for the ingredients so it’s very cost effective.

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Hmmm just drink water to help a bit bro

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Every beer you drink, drink the equal amount in water before your next beer. Also, eat some small amount of food in between beers.

Try tearing your shirt off after shotgunning a beer, then doing 50 one-handed push ups. Works pretty well, plus the ladies LOVE it.

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Try the right one !

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I see you stealthily edited your original post to include a link to a detox tea website.

Great work. That’s a trick we’ve literally never seen before on these forums.

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