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Is this a rateable cider (Noita from Finland)?

I note that Noita are not on here yet. This is an apple and grape ‘natural cider’, produced by this urban winery:

Cider or wine?

Hard to prove that 50% of the alcohol is from cider. " Conventional fates of grape pomace include being discarded at a cost, or fermented further to produce alcoholic beverages (for example grappa)"

Riesling Skin Contact Pet Nat 5.5% ABV

Low alcohol, naturally carbonated co-ferment made by the rehydration of organic Riesling grape pomace immediately after the free-run wine is removed. We hydrate with water and organic apple juice and allow the fermentation to continue in bottle to carbonate naturally.

That definition which states the 50% says cider to which flavouring substances have been added, whereas this is a co-ferment, and apple cider definition states its an alcohol beverage obtained by alcoholic fermentation of apple juice. The legal basis for cider in terms of amount of apple juice varies between countries (UK is 35% and above to legally be called cider). The ratebeer definitions are inconsistent and inconsitently applied, so personally I’d be OK if it was added as either apple cider or apple cider - flavoured

flavoured - think that’s how beers would go

Was it any good? This is usually pig feed. The cider added is more for the sugar to restart fermentation. Seen this locally near farms as a curious treat, but not bottled, cool. Cool?

I wasn’t going to spend £7 until I knew it was rateable! I was searching for Finnish ticks before the European Championships and this was all I found. But I will order at some point.

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