Is this what they call revolution

Holy crap.
Is this improvement.
Showing one beer below there is lot of missing info (compare with old view).
AS most can see ther is missing info about brewery locations,
Mean rating and so on.
When you click on more this is all you get addiional
Whitch is poitless much better before.
Who the fuck reads this more than once when they click for interes on it???
For comparisin below old view:

Serious question??? what the f#%k are the developers thinking about. There is much more info on smaller place on the old one and much better info too.
Ore are they getting int bussiness of selling glasses?

Lets get back info that do not require space and are needed.
For me this is another turn of.
Hint: Not everything need to be great over there, there can be delivered alot mor info on less space…


Untapped indicates Skumbag is out of business

Isnt it interesting to see the focus on serving style? For me its very important to check if I can drink this beer from a Stein or if i need to use a Kölsch-Stange or a Spiegelau-craft-glass…

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You got the wrong one:

I still get the standard view using Chrome:

I find it absolutely atrocious that the new beer page does not include the city and country of the beer. Why should I have to add two more clicks just so I know where a beer is from?

I reckon that why the beer page keeps getting switched back from new to old is to address issues/fix things suggested by us users.

Using that much space for optimal beer glasses is useless… In every brewpub, you get the glass the beer is served in and you shut your mouth :slight_smile:

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