Is Untappd available in locations around the world?

I can’t figure that out using the web. If the answer is no, that’s a major difference between RateBeer and Untappd

Well, they have a Global Feed selection in the app. I just assumed they were worldwide.

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How the hell do I get rid of this tastetaps5 on my friggen I phone? Ridiculous

Couldn’t figure that out - but searched untappd London and got results. So at least they are out of the US. But search untappd Berlin was a null result, so not worldwide.

GO RateBeer!!!

Untappd is worldwide. I just searched Heiden Peters bar and it came up. People have checked into just about every remote corner of the world on Untappd, ok perhaps not the depths of Papua New Guinea but places like Falkland Islands have had check-ins. Even Wales.

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Well, I’d say RateBeer has untappd beat on finding stuff worldwide!

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I just read this on Facebook re Untappd:

This week we rolled out a change to double the resolution of photos uploaded by users. This will result in more crisp, higher resolution photos in activity feeds and check-in detail pages.

Pics uploaded to RB do seem to lose quality, when you can upload them. :frowning:

I would say yes. We have approx 28 untappd verified venues here in Copenhagen within a 3 mile radius, expecting a meltdown of untappd in the next coming week in this area :smiley:

But sitting in NorCal, how do I use untapped to find venues in Copenhagen?

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Thanks. I think this may be a supplementary travel tool, if “Copenhagen Denmark” will eliminate the USA venues. :rofl:

Gooder? Lol.

If you intend to use it when actually in Copenhagen it will show results based on your location so you’ll see everything relevant near you with whatever mile radius you’ve set. On the web if you’re searching “Copenhagen” you’ll only find places with that word in their name.

So yeah on the web Ratebeer has Untappd beat for sure as you can search places here by name or by location which is much better. On mobile where everything is location based Untappd has Ratebeer beat, for now at least… RB seems to be improving the app.

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You can use the map search as well but then it prioritises bars that are “verified venues” so that you find the bar and then the “menu” of beers offered, there is actually many many more venues, but they won’t show on the map below…

So that is a example where the map search for Ratebeer is better that you can choose what you want to see in a location, obviously the below is showing “everything” place wise here - but because Ratebeer has place ratings as well you can of course filter by places based on the ratings of the places etc, so Ratebeer has the upper hand here :slight_smile:


Rather than focusing on places you might want to go before going there, if you are a premium member of Untappd then there is more advanced statistics on the beers you have had and maps with the locations you have been etc, im not a “supporter” or premium as we would say on RB, so i don’t know if there is anything more advanced on searching for places you might want to go rather than you have been to though…



Also if you use that map feature on Untappd, it will only show bars or pubs. Other places classed primarily as something else, such as a restaurant or cafe, will not show up

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