Is your access to more and better beer the best it's ever been?

I’ve been to the Isle of Thanet Kent a few times this year and have ended up with 10-20 new beers of decent to good quality from their micropubs.
I’ve been to Bermondsey 3 times this year and I can’t drink every new beer from every new place anymore. 25 new good beers in one day now seems the norm.
Tonbridge Kent has a new craft beer bar which I’ve been to twice and each time I’ve picked up 12 new rates, some of which have been very good beers.
I remember if getting 12 new beers in London in one day was a good day out. Now I can do that just down the road (ok about a 30 minute train journey)
Is your beer access the best you have ever known it?
And that’s without even thinking about online ordering
As for quality I remember giving a lot of 2.8-3.0 ratings. now most of them seem to be in the mid to high threes at least.
Is this the best you have ever had access to so many and such good quality beer?

Yes, but since I’ve been drinking beer I’ve lived in increasingly better places for beer. Devon, then Bedford, then Cambridge/Ely, now Leicester. I grew up in Tampa Bay but did not really drink beer until moving to the UK :slight_smile:

I agree with you Ian but I do feel that dark styles and especially darker bitters are becoming ever more marginalised which makes me sad.

The world has gone style crazy. Saisons in the UK? You had to go to Belgium to get one of those in the early days.

Completely agree, the range of great beers even making it way to the Shires is amazing.

Undoubtedly; I live a 25 minute walk from the Bermondsey breweries and a twenty minute walk from Stormbird, I’m a bus ride away from the Harp, CBC in Farringdon and Cask in Pimlico, my work is a 15 minute walk from both Clapton Craft and Mother Kellys bottle shops, I work two minutes away from the Cock Tavern and a twenty minute walk from the MK bar in Bethnal Green.

That said, I would love it if someone opened a decent bottle shop and/or craft beer bar within a five/ten minute walk of my house…

Without a doubt the choice and quality has increased here in Shropshire, helped greatly by people like Mat (minuteman), his ‘Chez Sophie’ single handedly changed the beer scene in Shrewsbury. Add that to the micro breweries popping up all over the county, pubs offering more guest beers these days and some decent bottle shops opening. I think it’s 24 active breweries in sleepy, underpopulated Shropshire.


Loved that place when I went there. @minutemat, when are you expanding to High Wycombe and/or Reading?

Definitely a good time for a beer drinker to be alive, even if it is impossible to keep up.

Things have improved remarkably on the Surrey/Hants borders. A couple ocnyears ago I was heading to London for Protz 300 ticks. The Wine Rack down the road now has a whole load of those German and Belgian ticks. Their manager looked at his sales and relegated the real ale and then tripled his beer range. Jesus, even the Hogs Back shop is now stocking Cloudwater. Inn At Home is a great shop in Guildford. Not forgetting the random stuff available in supermarkets and some of the local wine shops. I just need more time to buy and sample it.