Isle of Man Beerfest

I added this to the old calendar that no one really uses, just figured I’d post in case any of you feel like going. I will not be attending this year since my trip to Belfast (Dublin) is already locked in, but I may look into planning my work trip so I can get to in 2020 since a direct ferry.

I was tempted by that, but chose Hull beer festival instead which is on the same weekend (East Yorkshire is a target county to get to 100). Also added it to the events calendar that no one really uses.

I can highly recommend a trip over to the Isle of Man and their beer festival. Really is a lovely island and the venue for their festival is a smashing Villa right in the centre of Douglas.

We stayed for a long weekend and got some place reviews in as well as seeing the island and rating loads of local brews.


Got a cousin in Onchan. I really have no excuse to not visit. Other than Hull…

Hull is a good beer drinking city in it’s own right. I did their Beer Festival many years ago and vowed to return, it’s never happened though.