Isle of Wight Garlic Beer

So, back in 2014 myself and @blackhaddock shared the following beer:

It had a clove of garlic in the bottle neck and at the time I commented “basically liquid garlic bread” with an “overpowering aroma”.

However we shared another bottle about a month ago and the garlic clove wasn’t there, and the garlic flavour was negligible.

I would argue this deserves a seperate entry. I can try to find out when the clove of garlic stopped being included in the bottle.

However, looking at the ratings in June 2015 a rater described it as “overwhelming and nauseating” but by October 2015 a rater says the garlic brings “a mellow sweet flavour” and all following ratings describe a mild garlic presence.

So it seems mid-2015 onwards the beer changed, seemingly partly because the clove of garlic stopped being put in the bottle neck.


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Initial thought … never drink a bottle of beer with a foreign body inserted in it !!!


There used to be a garlic restaurant in Helsinki that did a garlic beer. Based on the studf floating in it I think they just poured a lager and then added in some crushed garlic.

I doubt that anyone who rated the garlic clove version is going to object to being given the chance of an extra IoW rate if this is split. :slight_smile:

Sadly I’ve only had the newer version. I say sadly, actually I think I’m quite glad that I never had the “pleasure” of original version with the garlic clove in it!

weren’t you at Cotts for my beer with the ghost pepper in the bottle? Universally loved by all… ahem…

definitely different beers in my book. The original sounds like a cooking beer to me, be great for marinating some beef…

My mate brewed a garlic saison recently, it was… interesting. I battled through a third, most of the keg was sold to ‘lads’ drinking a pint for a bet/dare

And i probably appreciated it more than most being a fan of hot curry

I never did get round to ordering that case of 12 from you !!

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Was that the Lost Industry one? Absolutely disgusting beer. Couldn’t manage more than one sip. Coincidentally I had an Abbeydale beer straight after that had a handwritten pump clip calling it a Brett IPA. It wasn’t. It had just gone off but they were still trying to sell it. Very cheeky…

I vote for declaring the new version a different beer; they were miles apart in ‘Garlic-ness’ and clearly not the same recipe.


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that’s the one. Can’t say I remember the Abbeydale but I’m surprised, Funk Dungeon Jim knows his stuff!