ISO: 10+ year old Cantillon Lamic FT: Side Project, Angry Chair, HFS - IP Brussels OBD

I will be at Open Beer Days next week / next weekend. Wanted to try to set up some IP trades.

ISO: 10+ year old Cantillon Lambic like 100% Bio or other unfruited Cantillon Gueuze. (Would talk on 6+ year old)

Side Project: Balaton, Merci, Smooth, Cassis De Fermier, Apricot De Fermier, Biere de Blanche, Black & Berry, Blanc de Blancs, Fencerow, Leaner with Peaches, La Ruche, Puncheon, Thicket, Saison de Fermier Pinot, Ode De Fermier (Almost all bottles are the latest batch or blend)

Casey Family Preserves (Apricot)
Angry Chair BA Russian Interference
Fremont Rusty Nail, BA Abominable
Cigar City Hunnahpu
Prairie Dawgs (Batch 1 was better, Puft, Puft pass the nuts, Peanut Butter Ripple Brownie
Surly Darkness
Wrecking Bar Mexican Siberius Maximus RIS
Bottle Logic Darkstar November
Schramm’s Mead - Heritage, Madeline, Amelia, Black Agnus
Hill Farmstead - Civ Citrus, Civ 18, Civ 24
Creature Comforts Pearson