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ISO: 2012 & 2017 50N-4E FT: Ray Ray Set, Abraxas Set +++

Hi All,

I’m looking for a 2012 & 2017 50°N-4°E, and am offering up a 12-bottle shipper of the following:

2019 Listermann Ray Ray set (Vanilla, German Chocolate Cupcake, Double Chocolate Latte, Fat Elvis, Peach Brandy)
2019 Abraxas set (regular, Pacas Vieja Coffee, Coconut, Vanilla)
Side Project Black & Wild (b3)
Transient Vanilla Kamigoye
Transient Kamigoye

Domestic preferred, but am open to international. Message me if you’re interested; thanks for looking.

Closing this due to lack of interest.

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