ISO: Alaska FT: Cantillon and Australia

Long time no post.
I live in Sydney, AU. Am a US expat.
Will be in Alaska in August/ September 2018. I do like to set things up early and i do have a preference for 1 good sized trade in Anchorage. Could do Fairbanks or Juneau. Always up for a beer in one of those cities as well.
Looking for any of the following:
Sloth (new batch)
Termination Dusk
Arctic Devil
Deal with the Devil (any barrel)
Darkest hour (Any barrel)
Bar fly
any other Alaska made Barleywine that is bottled or caned. More barleywine ticks are good.
Am putting this out now as do have a preference towards BW’s

I have: Cantillon. Various items. Rose, Kriek, St. G, St. L, Classic or if you like 3F I can get Golden Blend or some A&G.
If you want to try Australia I can offer up Boatrocker, Pirate Life, Modus Operandi Two Metre Tall, or other highly rated OZ breweries.

if keen please message me back.