ISO: AleSmith Speedway Stout - Rye Barrel Aged: Vietnamese FT: Transient/Michigan

Hey all - hoping to land a bottle of Rye BA Vietnamese Speedway Stout…and definitely want to keep this in the US. Not sure how hard this beer is to land, but open to discussion.

Happy to expand for local stuff!

I have a bunch of Transient releases:

BA No Cake
Velvet Sea
fresh hops upon availability (other options too)

Also, I have selections from The Livery, Arclight Black Raspberry Sour Smith (top rated sour-fruited beer on Untappd! Ha!), Bells BA Expedition, Bells Black Note, Kuhnhenn Solstice Stout, Flossmoor Station Wooden Hell, Schramms meads…can send a bigger list!


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I think im all set here, thanks!