ISO: Assassin (2018) FT: Voodoo BRC options

ISO: TG Assassin 2018

FT: 3:1
GNVP (RW) + GNVP (4R) + BM (4R)

Also available to substitute:
Hill farmstead bottles (Including BA Dorothy)
Voodoo BBA quadfather, apple brandy gran met
Three Floyds dark lord, BA behemoth
Surly darkness, BA darkness
CC hunahpu, zuchov variants, el catador club beers
Speedway variants, BBA speedway
BA Jackie O’s releases
Barrel aged abyss (various)
Westbrook BA Siberian panther
FW parabola, velvet merkin, lil opal
Russian River sours
Kuhnhenn brewing BA Barleywine
Westvleteran 12
Goose island BCBS
Founders KBS, CBS
Bell’s black note
Pipe works abduction variants
BA Sexual Chocolate
FB morning wood
Insurrection maple bourbon bocctahne
Insurrection fat sam (maple BBA breakfast stout)
Side project rose du ble

Closed this trade once, edited the main post to reflect this. Still looking for one more bottle of assassin.

Closed this a second time, I’m no longer looking for Assassin.