ISO: BCBBW 17, FT: BCBBW 16 + others

Prefer to do a simple vintage swap with my BCBBW 2016, and preferably In-Person in the greater Boston area. Only caveat for the IP is that you will likely need to come to my folks’ residence in Wayland, MA for the transaction. (I am abroad and they are simply acting as my proxies.) Can add a bottle of BCBBW 2013 (12oz) as bonus.

Will ship FedEx if no IP offers arise.

Other options are:

Allagash Coolship Red 2015, 2017 (multiples)
Tree House Super Sap
Trillium Blackberry Super Soak
Trillium/JWakefield Miles Away
Trillium/Omnipollo Covered in Puppies
Trillium/Prairie TrillBOMB!
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 (multiples)

(My trading history here on RB seems to have disappeared? Anyway, a more extensive one exists on BA, same username.)

ChinaBeerGeek is the real deal. Someone help a brother out!

thanks PDX

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