ISO: Beer from 1995, 1999 or 2001

I’m planning a share for my 40th birthday where we are drinking one beer made in each year from 1979-2019. I am currently missing beers made in 1995, 1999 and 2001. If anyone has something they can trade from these years, I’m looking for mostly anything except these: 1999 Selection Lambic, Thomas Hardy Ales, Anchor Christmas Ales, Samichlaus. Other than that, as long as it was made in those years and would age fairly well i.e. not a pale lager, then I am interested.

I have a lot for trade. It’s hard to put up a list because the ISO is so varied. For example, if you have something like Cantillon, I could trade a similar year Cantillon. If it’s something more like a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale, then I’d send you something like Referend or Other Half/Equilibrium etc, whatever your preference is. I’d prefer to trade for something not crazy sought after though just to tick off these years.

Thanks for looking.

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James, I think I still have 1995. I’ll pm you later. Been a while since I’ve seen that bottle so maybe I’m wrong but I’ll check.

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Thanks! I have plenty of country ticks for you if interested.

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Crap, unfortunately I was wrong @jtclockwork it’s 1991 :frowning:

What was it?

Chimay red and blue. Both 1991.

Don’t have any of your ISO-s, but just wanted to say that I think this is really cool idea.