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ISO: Blaeber FT: List

Looking for a few Blaeber bottles - not interested in ‘13 or ‘14 vintages. I have the below bottles up for trade. Thanks

2019 Utopias
2014 Framboos
2011 Framboos
2015 TRB Home Sour Home
2015 TRB another world
2015 TRB wise guise
2015 TRB Map of the Sun
2015 TRB ensorcelled
2014 TRB cosmic Dust
2018 TRB manhattan fashioned
2016 St. Lam
2018 St. Lam
2015 classic gueuze
2014 sanctification
2014 beatification
SARA Cellarman b1
SARA loves armor
Winefication b2

also have access to urban roots ipas and other Russian River

hmm, just a friendly suggestion. Blabaer is a once a year release where people have to queue several hours (and it being only one bottle per person). Your bottles are all rather easier to get by (maybe with the exception of Utopias). I dont see this happening honestly…

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