ISO: Cantillon Baie D'Argousier FT: Lambic

I have Magic Lambic, Grand Cru Bruocsella Brut, various 3F OGV vintages, vintage Cantillon and 3F Geuze’s

Curious if you have any additional info on Baie D’Argousier? Was this released in limited to-go quantities at Cantillon/One Pint? Or was this more of “a couple bottles were gifted to friends of the brewery and may have gotten into the wild” type of thing?

Sorry to threadjack…but, I have wanted to try this beer for some time, and thought a trip to Helsinki was the only way, outside of random days where Cantillon has it to drink in house.

Went to the launch. Actually there were two launches. One was at Pien (beer shop in Helsinki), they sold 24 big bottles, and 48 small bottles to go, the other one was at Stadin Panimo Bar (bar at Helsinki). Although I don’t know the exact numbers they sold to go, I would say that Stadin Panimo had at least 48 big bottles available (estimate, because I wasn’t among the first ones and got a bottle and people behind me got also big bottles) + bunch of small bottles were available for late comers.

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