ISO: Cantillon, BOKK

ISO: Cantillon other than RDG, Lambic Bio, various BOKK

FT: (Multiples on many of these)
3F Oude Kriek + Honing
Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout 2017
Bourbon County Brand Stout 2017
Surley Darkness 2017
De Cam Framboise Lambiek 2017
Horal’s Oude Geuze Mega Blend 2011 & 2013
Hunaphu Imperial Stout 2017
Funky Buddla Last Buffalo in the Park 2018
De Cam Nectarine Lambiek 2017
De Cam Oude Geuze 2017
De Cam Oude Kriek
3F Oude Kriek blend 44
De Cam Oude Lambiek
Other Half/Zagavor Space Soyez Sauce (Red Wine Barrel Aged w/ Ararat Conditioned Birch Staves) Imp. Stout
De Cam Trosbessen 2018
De Cam Wilde Bosbessen 2018

Shipping to Germany.

I have fou foune, lam, vig, nath, iris.
What do you want for the bourbon county stouts?

What year are they? Where are you located? I’m definitely interested in both the St. Lam and FF.

Still interested in the BCBS?