ISO: Cantillon, other lambic FT: Assassin, VR, SNR10

ISO: 2010 Pineau d’Aunis
FT: Assassin 2014 + 4x VR + SNR10 (can sub with Fou 2017)

ISO: LPK, LPF, LPG, St Lam, Framboos, Hommage, Pinot Noir
FT: SNR10 (multiples), Fou 2017 (multiples), VR (multiples, probably only for LPK but negotiable)

Located in US, open to international for larger trades

PM sent.


Don’t think I got your message

Hi man,

I didn’t know how to PM you from your profile, so I sent a message from the
menu and inserting your nickname. Apparently this didn’t work!

So I’m copying it here:

Hi man,

I’ve seen your post about the Lambic request.

I don’t have D’Aunis, but I have most of the other bottles you’ve
requested. In particular: LPF, St Lam, Framboos, Hommage, Pinot Noir.

I have the SNR 2010 yet, looking for a 2008 one. As for the VR can we
discuss even if I don’t have the LPK?

Let me know if you have some more stouts eventually.


Sorry, the VR would only be for trades involving LPK and I do not have any 2008 SNR. Are you international?

No idea how to send PM in this anymore. I have a '16 blabaer 750ml, LPF and Hommage I’d be willing to negotiate for your Gold Wax Assassin and a plus. I’ll be in Florida for Huna day. let me know if you’re interested in discussing something.