ISO: Cantillon set FT: BA Affo, ADWTD, BL, Fremont, Monkish etc

ISO: Cantillon set (50n4e, St Lamv 17’, Vig 17’)

Barrel Aged Affogato
ADWTD Double Oak
Morning Delight b4
Goose Island - Rare 15’
Double Barrel Hunaphu
Hunaphu’s vertical 2013-2018
Bottle Logic - BL Jam the Radar 17’
Double Barrel Speedway Stout, Barrel Aged Vietnamesse Speedway Stout
Fremont - BA Coconut B BOMB, BA Coffee and Cinnamon B BOMB, BA Dark Star Coffee Edition, BBA Abominable 2015
Fresh Monkish cans

pm me to discuss
shipping within Europe or IP Belgium

I have 50n and also other lambics lam other years and vig other year. Also lpf and lpg. Pm me if you’re interested! I live in NL!

Still open?