ISO: Carakale / Arizona Wilderness Dead Sea-rious


I’m looking for a bottle of this. It looks like it distributed to CA and FL. If someone can help me out, please let me know. I have a bunch for trade. Referend bottles, Veil, Rare Barrel, Jackie O’s, Carton Irregular Coffees and plenty of others. Please let me know if you can pick me up a bottle. Thanks!

CA, yes. If no success in a month or so, post again.

Likewise…it seems to have hit ABC Vero in FL I will check the abc’s in my area since i frequent them anyways since i want this now that you’ve brought to my attention.

Thanks guys. I found a place that has it and ships to NJ. Broudy’s is the name of it. I placed an order so should be coming.

Well thanks for heads up for this beers existence I need a Jordan tick so the hunt begins.

Drinking this now, appreciate the intel. Found a very good beer store in process which I’ll have to add to database tomorrow.

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