ISO: Eldridge pope thomas hardy (Pre 1999)

Hey guys im looking for this old beer.

I have things like:

Dark Lord 2017
Cantillon - Rosé De gambrinus, Iris, Kriek.
3F - A&G, Hommage 2017.

Loads of other options aswell

Loads of other things… I dont know that value of that beer but tell me if im off… Would like to go for multiples if thats an option. Im loacted in Denmark, beermail or pm me or whatever its called.


Sorry, I’m all out now. :frowning:


Not enough load I guess. E.g DL from this year for a 20 year old beer…hm. Cantillon standards…hm. I don’t have any but wouldn’t give one away for that.

I guess you’re right.