ISO: Enter Night (Stone) FT: New Glarus

Would love two cans of that Stone/Arrogant Bastard Metallica pils “Enter Night.” I’m a loooong time old school Metallica fan!

I live in Wisconsin and have access to New Glarus including Raspberry Tart, Belgian Red, Serendipity, and all core and current seasonal beers. They switched Belgian Red and Raspberry Tart to 12oz bottles but still release 750s once a year and they are out now so I can get those as well! No I can’t get you a 2014 sour R&D brewery only release and if I could I wouldn’t trade you for a shelf pils so don’t ask.


US nationwide release soon. So should hit shelves around you aswell.

Awesome! I was a little toasty when I posted this last night…

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