ISO: EU trading partner on periodic basis

I’m looking for some in the EU who would like to trade regulary with me.

I do have a german trading partner with whom I’m sending always one package to each other. Both of us are collecting beers until the package is full, then we send it to the other person to do the same, so normally I’m send a package around every 2 months. I’d like to have that in the EU. Important for me is that this is not supposed to be a trade for super rare or special beers only, I’m buying beers which are “six-pack-only” often only because I know I can trade them that way. Which doesn’t mean I won’t buy special beers to fill up the package. So, long story short, I’d put anything in those packages from low alcohol Weizen to retired De Molen beers.

Anyone :crazy_face: ?


I have a similar deal with Roman and oh boy, those De Molens are tasty!

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Would be so easy if Switzerland would be an EU country :smiley: Good that you enjoy the aged beers. But what about the low alcohol stuff? Don’t you enjoy those too? :confounded:

I would send a crate beer each time, thats 20-24 bottles. Sadly it’s 70% more to Switzerland than to the backmost area of Sweden.

Low alcohol is fine, but for the frikkin COLA-APFELWEIN, you honestly deserve to get a bottle of Biena Colada (Mead with Coconut Syrup) as punishment next time I see it.


You interested in a UK partner?

Sure, as long as UK is still EU :wink: or better as long as the prices don’t rise…

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Ha. No change at the moment. We start to leave the EU next year, then there’s a ‘transition’ period, by which time I’ll hopefully be a French citizen, and resident!

Send me a PM if you want to go ahead with the periodic trading - a steady supply of German beer every now and again sounds good to me.

It could work for me also. Are you interested in spanish/portuguese partner??

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I´m also interested in a EU partner. Thanks Roman for this topic :slight_smile: If anyone interested, let me know it! :beer::beer::yum:

+1 for Hans-Peter! As we have a tasting-group, I could supply the “future trading-partner” through him with some nice stuff as well - so don’t hesitate to contact him :blush::beers:

If anyone interested in partner from Poland, I’m here :wink:

Well I think I’m good with 2 new trading partners but @Beerhunter111 will be happy to trade I guess. Plus we share beer from time to time do I might be happy to get something :wink: