ISO: Flora Cuvee FT: Lambic and Things

I’m looking for a bottle of Flora Cuvee for my 30th, if you’ve got a bottle lets work something out.


'17 Lambic D’Aunis
'15 LPK
'12 LPK
'17 ORVW
'15 4 Roses SBLE
'17 GTS
'14 fou
Various Years St Lam, Vig, Rose, Kriek, and Gueuze
'11 and '15 drie schaarbeekse kriek
prairie fibadise
black agnes b4, b6, b7
erik the red b2,
heritage b2,
smile of fortune b2
madaline 2nd bday
marion berry
linfrmsnd cuvee rene special blend
10/11 tilquin gueuze 750
tilquin squared b2 750
mure b2 750
pinot tilquin b2
cuvee lambikstoemper
various other shelf saisons/lambics/chicago locals

Flora Cuvee