ISO: Fremont Brewing FT: List

I am looking for (preference to a trade that includes all 3):

Fremont Rusty Nail
Fremont Bourbon Barrel Abominable - Coffee & Cinnamon
Fremont Bourbon Barrel Abominable - Coconut

For trade, I have:

Founders CBS (2017)
The Livery Bourbon Barrel Aged Trippel Weizenbock (2017)
The Livery Maillot Rouge (2017)
The Livery The Bleeps (melomel with tart cherries/raspberry)
Bells Black Note
Bells Bourbon Barrel Expedition Stout
New Glarus R&D (Champ du Blanc, Pommier Sauvage, Bramble Berry Bourbon Barrel, Vintage 15)
Transient Buckley
Transient Rum Buckley
Transient Neckbeard Nectar (2017)
Transient BA Neckbeard Nectar (Vintage 2016, 2017 release)
Transient Double Raspberry Maigre
Transient Foeder #2 - (Chanuac Grapes;Apricots;Cherry;Cranberry),
Transient Anachronism, (can get fresh Transient hops too!)
Hardywood BA Gingerbread Stout (2017)
Goose Island BCBS (13>16>17)
Goose Island BCBS Barley Wine (13>14>17)
Goose Island Fleur (2011)
deGarde Special Rouge - Reserve
Kuhnhenn Olde Village Stock Ale
Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock
Kuhnhenn American Imperial Stout
Kuhnhenn Solar Eclipse Imperial Stout 2010
Kuhnhenn meads: (Bourbon Barrel French Toast, Alliteration - R, Alliteration-S, Alliteration-G, Schusters Straight Up, Respect Your Elders(Berries), Mango Sack)
Against The Grain Bo & Luke
Free State Owd Macs Imperial Stout
Foothills Sexual Chocolate
Dark Horse BA Plead the 5th
Oskar Blues Barrel Aged Ten Fiddy
Odd Side Hazel’s Nuts
Trillium Night & Day Imperial Stout
Russian River Temptation
Lost Abbey Red Poppy
Lost Abbey Framboise de Amarosa
Midnight Sun Arctic Devil
The Bruery Smoking Wood
The Bruery/Three Floyds Rue d’ Floyd (2017 - Rum Barrel)
B Nektar Episode 13
B Nektar Cherry Chipotle
(Can grab Schramm’s regulars too)

I am all set on the B-Bombs, but I am still ISO Rusty Nail.