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ISO: German Bock beers FT: Belgian local stuff


Since many Bavarian webshops no longer ship to Belgium, I’m looking for winter beers from Bavarian (preferably Franconian) small brewers.

I really like their Heller bocks and weizenbocks. So, is anyone interested to do a local swap? In exchange I can get a lot of Belgian breweries and styles.


So Beligium left the EU and no-one noticed?

I don’t know why but a lot of german webshops don’t ship outside Germany anymore

Very strange… But I think it is the new law, that in the EU the taxation changed and now not the local tax has to be paid (here the German) but the tax from the country where the beer is shipped to (in your case Belgium). And this is lots of administraion and paper works many smaller shops don’t want to do. Or they would have to pay a company doing this for them and this costs…

But @JefVerstraete, if no one answers here, I can forward the beers to you. Just send me a PM and I’ll see how I can help you. :beers:


Thanks a lot for this explanation. I will do a trade with beerhunter 111. So this one is closed. But thanks a lot for your help!

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