ISO: GI BCBS Prop, Reserve FT: SARA, DeGarde, KBS, Darkness more

Looking for one bottle of Prop 2017 and 1 bottle bourbon county reserve. If you want to round out a 12 bottle shipper of locals (would like some alpha king or zombie dust as I used to live in Chicago) that would be great. I live in Arizona and can get Wren House, AZ Wilderness, sometimes Tombstone and others.

I am offering any 2 of the following for 1 of the above. If someone can get this all done in one trade, that would be awesome. I’m happy to ship first. Thanks for reading.

SARA Lucybelle
SARA Bluffer’s Tell
DeGarde Dry Hop Premiere 2015
Dark Lord 2015
Darkness 2015
Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout 2017 (750mL bottle)
Three Floyd’s Skull 'ole 2015