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ISO heady topper, Lawson sip of sunshine, hop butcher triple ipas

Looking to hopefully get some of these beers. Live in Hawaii so limited can get some good Hawaii beers and some limited edition brewery beers from here. Different maui brewing special brews etc. Also have access to some west coast and Washington beers that are being delivered here now.

Do you know how much is shipping to Continental US by FedEx?

Not completely sure. Guess depends where you are shipping from. My buddy in Cali sent me about 12- 16oz cans and he said it was about $45. That’s the other crappy part about trading in Hawaii its so damn expensive for shipping lol.

That being said my other buddy from Pittsburgh sent a six pack of hopslam to me and chanced shipping flat rate with the postal service and paid $20.

Are you on Oahu or a different island?

I’m on the big island in kona.

So not much chance you get Inu Island… guessing you get Lanikai and the like

Funny I actually messaged INU the other day to see when they were gonna start shipping to big island but have not heard back. I can get lanikai, big island brewhaus, ola brewing, Hilo brewing, maui brewing and some Honolulu beer company stuff. Some stuff from mehana too but not much.

I could probably get the Lawsons and Heady Topper plus whatever else in NYC. Would prefer to send things the cheap way, of course so might limit box size.

Ok that would be sweet. Is there anything here that you would like? I have not heard back from INU unfortunately. Or should I just get some stuff that you probably can’t get there? Is there any beer style that you don’t like?

I’ll send private message.

Sent PM.

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