ISO: Hill Farmstead Barrel Aged Earl or Arthur Blue Label; FT: List

Hey Everyone. Looking for one or both of these Old Hill Farmstead bottles. These are 2 of the last Hill Farmstead beers I have never had the pleasure of trying. Below is a list of the beers I would trade for either 2

Hill Farmstead:
Aaron (multiple batches_
Flora- Batch #7
BA What is Enlightenment
BA Dorothy (both batches)
E. (multiple vintages)
Civil Disobedience (#22, #19, #18, possibly others)
Civil Disobedience: Citrus
Madness and Civilization #11
Flora Pear
Fear and Trembling (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
Farmer Wave
several different Leaves of Grass vintages

also have Bottle Logic: Number Crunch, J. Wakefield: DFPF, Lost Abbey: Duck Duck Goose 2013 and some trillium 750mL bottled sours

if you have either of these bottles, but might be interested in something else please let me know and we can work something out