ISO : Holy Mountain Midnight Still, Barrel Aged Dark Lord. FT: 2008 LPF, Nath

I Have This Set:

Cantillon Nath X2
Cantillon Fou Foune 2017 release x3
Vigneronne X2
Saint lamvinus x3
Lou Pepe Framboise 2008 Stickers
Lou Pepe Framboise 2017 release

Also have
3 Fonteinen hommage x2
Armand and Gaston 2016, 75CL.

I’m looking for one bottle of Barrel Aged Dark Lord and One of Holy Mountain Midnight Still, along with one bottle of Foundamental Force by bottle Logic and CW 19.

Also ISO ardea Insignis and Barrel Aged Abraxas.

(Ardea Insignis or Barrel Aged Abraxas are both alternatives Compared To BA Dark Lord and Midnight Still, Just to be clear

Barrel aged dark lord, especially one of each, is very difficult, or even near impossible i think. I can see someone trading Midnight still and CW 19, but people generally do not trade ‘down’ for big stouts, so FF, BAA and Insignis, as well as the BA DL are difficult. But good luck! hope someone wants to do quantity trade!

Sorry, My English Stinks, is So bad. That’s not what I meant, I Mean I Just Want to Grab One Bottle - Only one- of Dark Lord Barrel Aged, and One of Midnight Still. As for the Rest, sorry but Your opinion means very little to me. 2008 Lou Pepe Framboise, A Couple of Nath, are both great Assets. if I Made a trade Like the one I’ve proposed, I’d lose out more than the Other Part. It is just My idea but is the one that matters, if somebody want to make it I’m happy, if not I don’t think I’ll be losing any sleep over it.

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I think it is a legit request. If I had both those I’d go on with that for Nath and LPF 2008.
Good luck man!

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Thanks a Lot Faathoven, I’m Sorry if I seemed a bit rude with Leedw94, but his speech bothered Me.

Maybe it is my fault, i don’t want both BA Dark Lord& Midnight Still and BA ABRAXAS&Ardea Insignis, just two of the four. An offert that comprised 2 Nath, 1 LPF 2008, Plus Other Loons Stuff ( we can discuss on a ratio) Is enogh for just :

Foundamental Force by bottle Logic
CW 19
BA Dark Lord
Midnight Stiil.


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Yes, I am located in Italy, and I Can send the box First.