ISO: Lambic d'Aunis, LPK, Zenne, Blabaer etc similar FT: Lots you get to ship to germany, but I ship to you direct!

Have lots of things for trade

Pappy Mexican Cake
BA Mexican Cakes

Garagiste Meads (most of them)
Schramms Meads (lots of them)
Superstition Meads (most of them)

Cycle BA bottles (many of them)
Cigar City BA stuff (lots)
Bourbon County stuff (cherry rye, old barleywine, bramble etc, coffee etc)
Bruery (BT Reserve, all BA stuff… PB&Thursday, Red Wine BT etc etc etc )
Rare Barrel Sours
De Garde Sours
and much much more!

Hit me up!

Still open? Could trade LPK and Aunis.

Yup! I would love to close more than once.


I got some nice stuff you might be intrested in, plz let me know

updated to add Blabaer to ISO :slight_smile:

Let me know if youre interested in any vintage lambic :smile:

Side project available? Grtz…

Interested in 50N4E, Vigneronne, Uli Blends and some smaller lambics?