ISO: Multiple bottles of Westvleteren 12 & 8. FT: List

In search of: Multiple bottles of Westvleteren 12 & 8.

For Trade
Arbor Brewing Jonna’s Wild Gudge Stout Sour Ale 2015
Arcedia ales Shipwreck Porter BB
B. Nektar dark dark goose
B. Nektar sleeping giant
Bells Wild one 212/320
Bells Eccentric Ale 2008
big rock brewery bb flying buffalo 2011
big rock brewery bb flying buffalo 2009
Big Sky BB ivan the terrible 2010
Dark Horse bb monster 29
Dark Horse bb plead the fifth 2010
Dark Horse king of the forest 521/804
Dark Horse bb plead the fifth 2011
Dark Horse bb plead the fifth 2012
Dark Horse bb plead the fifth 2014
Dark Horse four elf 2014
Dark Horse mmm
de pref brouwerij long of tooth
deschutes black butte 23rd year
epic bb baptist release #10
epic bb baptist release # 4
Evil Twin yang
Evil Twin yin
firestone 15TH anviseray ale
firestone abacus 2011
firestone parabola 2012
firestone parabola 2011
flossmor station 15th anviseray ale
founders bolt cutter 2012 2012
Founders imperial stout
Founders KBS 2011
Founders CBS 2017
Goose Island bcbs 2012
Goose Island bcbs 2011
Goose Island bcbs 2010
Goose Island bcbs 2009
Goose Island bcbs 2014
Goose Island bcbs coffee 2012
Goose Island bcbs coffee 2011
Goose Island bcbs coffee 2010
Goose Island BCBS 2017, 2018 & 2019 Box Set
Goose Island BCBS Cafe de Olla
Great Lakes bb black out stout 2012
Greenbush bb dystopia
half acre big hugs
Hoppin’ Frog BB naked evil
Hoppin’ Frog bb boris royal
Hoppin’ Frog bb naked evil
Hoppin’ Frog bb boris
Kuhnhenn bb barely wine 2010
Kuhnhenn Creme Brulee Bourbon Barrel Mead
Kuhnhenn cherry stout braget 2011
Kuhnhenn dark heathen braggot 2011
Kuhnhenn extranous
Kuhnhenn prometheus 2011
Kuhnhenn road rash
Kuhnhenn BB 4D 2011
Kuhnhenn BB 4D 2012
Kuhnhenn vintage ale 2011
Kuhnhenn 4d 2007
Kuhnhenn 4d 2009
Kuhnhenn 4d 2012
Kuhnhenn 4d 2013
Kuhnhenn barrel aged meade 2012
Kuhnhenn barely wine rare 2013
Kuhnhenn barley wine 2011
Kuhnhenn bb barely wine 2013
Kuhnhenn bb barley wine 2008
Kuhnhenn bb barley wine 2012
Kuhnhenn bb barley wine 2011
Kuhnhenn BB Braggot 2011
Kuhnhenn bb meade 2012
Kuhnhenn bb sack meade 2011
Kuhnhenn bb solar eclipse 2012
Kuhnhenn bb4d 2010
Kuhnhenn bourbon barral braggot 2011
Kuhnhenn cherry stout braggot 2011
Kuhnhenn Dark Heathen 2011
Kuhnhenn dark heathen braggot 2011
Kuhnhenn A few shillings too many - wee heavy 2012
Kuhnhenn devil and miss jones 2011
Kuhnhenn nine 2011
Kuhnhenn Bueberry eisbock 2012
Kuhnhenn rasberry eisbock 2007
Kuhnhenn Solar Eclipe 2010
Kuhnhenn Solar Eclipe 2012
Kuhnhenn tenatious cassis 2007
Kuhnhenn wheat wine 2012
Kuhnhenn bb4d 2013
Kuhnhenn BB french toast 2012
Kuhnhenn bb4d 2011
Mikkeller bb black hole wine
Mikkeller bb black hole rum
Mikkeller bb black hole scotch whiskey
Mikkeller beer geek brunch weasel coganc
Mikkeller weseal beer geek lunch
Nectar ales black xantus
Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky
Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky
new england imperial stout trooper white
Pelican mother of all storms 2010
Pelican mother of all storms 2012
Port brewing older viscosity 2011
River Rouge Hayden’s Crusade (Basil Hayden RI Stout) 2017
Sierra Nevada big foot 2012
Shorts Colossally Ludicrous 2017
surly darkenss 2014
surly 8 ale
surly darkenss 2012
surly darkness 2011
surly darkness 2010
surly darkness 2013
surly seven
surly syx
the bruery black tuesday black wax
the bruery Coton 75% 25% 2010
Three Floyds BB Conquistador de Muerte 6/405 2012
Three Floyds Behemoth 2011 yellow wax
Three Floyds Behemoth 2012 red wax
Three Floyds Baller stout yellow wax
Three Floyds Dark Lord 2012
Three Floyds Dark Lord 2010
Three Floyds Dark Lord 2011
Three Floyds Dark Lord 2013 orange wax
Three Floyds BA Alfa Klaus 343/423 red wax
Three Floyds BA Cherry Klaus 6/400 red wax
Three Floyds BA Alfa Klaus 142/423 2012
Three Floyds BA Baller Stout
town hall Wee Jack 2012
Weller Special Reserve Bourbon

I can get some of those. Question is if youre interested in a trade with someone across the pond.

I am not currently doing any trades internationally at the moment. Let me know if you have a proxy in the us.


I do but that would make it too expensive for me as i would have to pay the overseas shipment twice.

I can help, shoot me a PM

Or is it BM, I think it was beermail…

do you also go to europe
still from 6 years old