ISO: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska

Updating to include Nebraska as an ISO, I am looking for a local for local trade. I would like to have some Beers from either of The Dakotas or Nebraska. I have Ohio and West Viginia locals to offer. Not interested in hoppy stuff.


Damn. Wish I would have known of this two months ago because I could’ve brought you all three as I was in Dayton and we could just done an in person perhaps or made the trade a lot easier. Unfortunately not doing any mail trading right now, but if you still need stuff after Christmas/New Year’s, reach out to me. I have access to some really good malty brews from some newer Nebraska brewers as well as South Dakota. Unfortunately, I only have some hoppy stuff for ND. Come early spring, let’s talk and I can probably get you over 10 rates from each of those states except ND. If you can wait that long/don’t get what you need sooner. Sorry, not much help at the moment.

I believe I still have some ND & SD in my fridge, I’ll check when I get back home

Messages sent to both @Travlr and @HuskerTan. Thanks guys!

I have a ND mead in my fridge. I’ll send you a sample for free if you need the tick. Just reimburse me shipping.

Heck yeah!

Back in the US. Sadly it looks like I have only ND in the fridge - 3 cans of a Drekker sour. Let me know if James’ mead deal falls through, or you can have a can anyway if you want.

I’m interested, would you be able to add stuff from South Carolina, or some other country/state I am low on rates from? What is it that you are looking for in return?


That would make me head to my favorite beer store and chek out their selection, which I guess I can handle. Especially since I was gonna do it anyway.

South Carolina is easy, of course. I have some countries you are missing too. And my next trip will take me to BVI, Anguilla and other nearby islands.

For the harder/obscure countries, I’d ask for a country in return (good luck with that, it’s getting harder!). For the rest, I don’t really care. I’m trying to get as many countries and styles to 100 as I can, but that might be hard too! So anything I haven’t rated will work.

I’ll see if I can put a box together, maybe this weekend.

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I’m in. Send me your shipping info. I don’t have anything in the way of new countries for you. Thanks for trade.

OK, got my car back, hitting SC on Saturday

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I still have the mead. I don’t check the forums as much as I used to. Best bet to get ahold of me is to PM me off the forums.