ISO: Paper Label Shaerbeekse Kriek & Vintage/rare Cantillon 375's FT: a ton

Schaerbeekse Kriek (paper label)

all 375ml:
Cantillon Geuze (lauter tun label, brown label, & black label)
Cantillon Kriek (cartoon label, brown label, red label, & BC label)
Framboise (brown label & pink label)
Blabaer ’18
Monks Geuze
…and any other one-off/special 375’s

FT: pick a combo! ratios depend on bottles…
Geuze ’10-’11 375ml & 750ml
Groseille Rouge 375ml
Mure '15, '16, & '17 375ml
Pinot Noir ’17 & ’18
Pinot Gris
Squared b1
Quetsche '13 375ml

Geuze '16 375ml
LPG ’13
Lambic d’aunis ’17
Mamouche '16 & '18
St. Lam ’13
Vig ’17
Rose de Gambrinus '17 & '19
Grand Cru Bru ’05 & ’07
Grand Cru Bru ’09 375ml
Fou ’10 375ml
Fou '17 & ’18
Iris ’07 label, ’10 cork
Iris '18
Nath '17 & '18
Cuvee Saint-Gilloise '17

Oude Geuze '15 375ml
Golden Blend '17
Framboos ’18
Frambozenlambik ’18
Schaarbeekse Kriek ’17
Oude Kriek Honing ’18
Oude Kriek Toast
Oude Kriekenlambik
Hommage ’16
Hommage Bio Honing
Hommage Bio Foeder
OGV Honing
A&G (b1 and a bunch of different blends)

Geuze Mariage Parfait '04, '09, '11, & '14
Oude Geuze Calvados Casks
Oude Geuze '12
Vat 91
Vat 109

De Cam:
Tros Bessen
Wilde Bosbessen
Abrikoos Rarbarber

Forest & Main:
Broer Seizoen
Vimana (Horus collab.)
Malurus (Modern Times collab.)

Ferementery Form:
Formation b1
Informal #1

The Referend:
Berliner Messe - Alleluiavers (peachs and nectarines)
Berliner Messe - Agnus Dei (white grape ice wine)
Berliner Messe - Sanctus (port BA on grapes)
Berliner Messe - Unblended No. 1 (red wine)
Berliner Messe - Unblended No. 2 (port)
Berliner Messe - Unblended No. 3 (rose)
Berliner Messe - Unblended No. 4 (port that held grapes)
Berliner Messe - Credo (special barrel blend)
Krak! Port (kriek aged in port)
Krek! (2 year kriek)
Krak! Krek! (1 and 2 year kriek blend)
Le Mur (Rum) (blackberry lambic aged in rum)
Avond; de Rode Boom (rhubarb lambic)
De Daumier-Smith (blueberry and peach lambic)
The Recognitions (congac lambic)
The Stone Raft (white & yellow peaches, Montmorency Cherries & Plum Lambic)
Mont Sainte-Victoire (spontaneous saison)
etc… (ask if you’re looking for anything else from them I probably have it)

Geeroms Geuze 1948
Lost Abbey 24 Steps Nectarines & Peaches
Big Foot ’99
Warpirgs Rum BA Smoldering Holes
Thomas Hardy '07, '17, & '18
BCBS '15 & '18
BCBS Vanilla '18
Westbrook Maple Bourbon Mexican Cake ’18
Westbrook Maple Bourbon Mexican Coffee Cake
Crooked Stave member bottles from ’17/’18 (ask for list)
HF Edith '15
Dark Horse Reserva
Cuvee Rene '11
fresh OH cans

Can do IP for Open Beer Days in Belgium, maybe Stockholm after OBD or shipping is fine!

updated! also looking for a paper label Schaerbeekse Kriek