ISO: unrated Franconian beers FT: Belgian stuff

I’m looking for unrated Franconian beers, since they’re very difficult to get in Belgium. I can send Belgian stuff.

Anyone willing to trade?

Vielen dank!

unless someone of the people who live there or regularly drive through, like @jfb @MoritzF or @pivnizub become active, this is not an easy task, as you are doing pretty well on the Franconian front as is.

I’m in the Nürnberg-Area in Mid-June and could pack you a crate - if you can wait for that long :beers:

@Erzengel ,Mid-June is fine for me. I can send you Belgian beers earlier if you want, you can pm me for more details.

@JefVerstraete - PM (via the old system here) sent. :beers:

@Erzengel , pm back