ISO: Westy 12 FT: New Glarus & Central Waters, etc

ISO: Westy 12
FT: New Glarus sours, Central Waters BA stouts, etc.

It’s a good friend’s 40th birthday and he loves Chimay, etc., so trying to track down a Westy for him as a surprise.

-Dr. Owl

I’ve plenty of Westie 12.
Which country are you in?

USA - hoping to keep it in the US if possible since international shipping tends to be slow and expensive as I recall.

No problem.
I’m in UK.
Good luck!

Do you have Brewers Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout?
I do have a Westvletern 12 for trade perhaps. I’m in CA.

Thanks, everyone! Got this one taken care of with a Facebook post and forgot I had posted here, haha! Appreciate the offers, though!