Israeli craft beers up for grabs in London

I brought a few bottles of Israeli craft beers with me to London, hoping I could give them to friends at the Beavertown Extravaganza. Now I found out it’s not allowed to bring bottles into the festival venue.
If anyone wants the bottles and can meet sometime tomorrow (Thursday), let me know.

@kajser27 this might be relevant to your interests. :smiley:

it might be, it might.
I still don’t know the plans for Thursday though, probably (and hopefully) we’ll end up in Craft Beer Company Islington around 1830-1900, just after getting of the plane he-he.
@DSG if you’re somewhere near there and want to grab a pint, we can help you out with the bottles :smiley:

I’ll try to stop by CBC Islington around that time. Cheers!

Aaand my flight and connecting flight just got delayed… I’ll be about 1-2h late :slight_smile: if nothing else fucks me up.