It’s O.K. to drink the same beer twice if you like it!

A nice addition to joet post “Was 2018 this bad for your craft beer world?

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It’s O.K., but slows down ticking!

There is an entire pargraph dedicated to tickers


A ticker is someone who cares more about “ticking off” a new beer than simply drinking a good beer they’ve had before. Tickers have long existed in the art world as well; in the cruise industry, they’re called “port collectors.”

Tickers used to be a minuscule subset of the beer world. I was, admittedly, once one myself. We were people who had already tried so many strange beers that we had to continue searching far and wide for a few ounces of anything unique. It wasn’t exactly a healthy obsession.

Today, however, just about every beer geek has become a ticker of a sort. Today’s beer tickers are less concerned with trying a few ounces of some strange, far-flung oddity, though; they’re more interested in getting each week’s newest 4-pack (if not case) from their favorite IPA makers across the country. In turn, every single brewery in America has become expected (expected!) to release two to four new canned beers every single weekend, less the brand lose its caché.

In other news:

Its allright to have a new beer if you rather want that.


Singles please!


This article is not about tickers, at least in the sense Ratebeerians are. This article is about hazebro hypebeasts. I feel it is an important distinction.


I completely agree with you. I found it a nice addition to the topic opened the other day.

I find it more Americo-centric. At least in Germany we do not face this situation (yet)

I dunno, the latest limited Frau Gruber releases can be pretty hard to come by…

The same applies to Fuerst Wiacek, but it’s 2 breweries out of thousands. I haven’t seen yet any brewery releasing a single hop helles per week. And we are not standing in line to get le last FG or FW (Gott sei dank)

Well, Fürst Wiacek cans are not hard to come by where I live, they are simply impossible to get at all and I’ve come to terms with that… At least Craftbeer Corner has them on tap occasionally. Honestly I’d rather stand in line than having order everything online at stupid prices plus shipping or not being able to get it at all.

What annoys me about Frau Gruber lately is that they don’t even stock their limited releases at their own webshop anymore, while they are available from a few select other webshops. Also, why are their beers 20% more expensive at their own webshop than retail prices that already include a mark-up?

I have the highest respect for Frau Gruber as brewers, but I’m starting to think that their success is getting to their heads, because their business practices are becoming sketchy as fuck.

It’s a business. They should charge what the market will bear. It irritates me when a beer is priced where I don’t think I want to pay, but these days there’s always another beer!

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They’ve stopped canning in May/June if I remember well. They only do kegs atm. Hope it will change soon

They probably don’t want to be competitors of their own customers. That doesn’t justify a 20% difference, but it is a valid reason for charging at least the same prices, if not slightly more. I’m not saying I like it though.

Tickers gotta tick…just do what you damn well please.

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It’s O.K. to drink the same beer twice… as long as it’s a 25ml sample!